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Marin County Certified Appraiser

Aaron Todd Donaldson - Certified Appraiser I have lived my whole life in Marin County, and have a keen, thorough understanding of all of its unique neighborhoods as well as the established areas in the Bay Area.

My expertise in the profession comes from a genuine place of knowledge of the marketplace, understanding peoples' needs and basic good, and honest principles.

I have over fifteen years of appraisal experience in the appraisal industry. My license as a Certified Appraiser entitles me to appraise residential properties of any value and for any loan amount. My solid reputation secures me approval with most of the premiere Lending Institutions throughout the United States.

My experienced coverage area is not limited to Marin. I also expertly cover the counties of: San Francisco, Sonoma, Napa, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo and Santa Clara.

My family has been involved with real estate as a profession for three generations, and real estate was always a topic of conversation around the dinner table at night which gave me a special understanding of how to work with people wanting to buy and sell their properties. My grandmother was one of the first women in the United States to be elected President of her area Board of Realtors and represent them nationally. My father has been developing, selling and investing in real estate his entire adult life, and his passion and commitment has inspired me in becoming the excellent residential appraiser I am today.

There have been numerous changes in the dynamics of real estate lending over the past five years or so, both legislative and in individual lender's business practice. The art of real estate appraisal, which is impacted by the changes that have taken place, has evolved into a more scientific approach to value than previously when acceptable methods of determining value were influenced by considerations that were more subjective. I am familiar with the dynamics that are important to appropriate and proper value considerations which can be different depending on the purpose of an individual property analysis.

I am an independent appraiser who is personally involved in each appraisal that is undertaken. I can be very responsive to your individual needs and requirements and will complete each assignment in a timely manner with honest integrity. I can accommodate the need for a quick property analysis or a full detailed appraisal of property within the geographic area of my expertise. In most situations, I can meet short deadlines, completing an appraisal in quick order if that is required. I am available by phone or e-mail to discuss your needs.